The story of an immigrant's improbable journey to becoming the Mayor of a city.  


Book Synopsis

      My parents immigrated to the U.S. 50 years ago and raised 7 children working menial jobs. Both my parents did not attend college, but they emphasized the importance of education and worked in substandard work conditions to give me the opportunity for a better life. With an overwhelming language barrier, my parents worked their fingers to the bone just to put food on the table.  These childhood experiences shaped who I am today.  They taught me the values of hard work, courage, and tenacity to pursue my own dreams and empower others to live a purposeful life.  I truly believe education changed my life forever, and I want that for every kid. 

     Reflecting on my own quest, I learned that life is a journey played out in segments, of patterns that resembled a sine wave, marked with highs and lows. I observed that those crests and troughs follow a fluctuating process.  I learned that although there is no escaping the valley of a wave, I can, however, shorten the time I spent on the bottom, or create a new upward momentum while at the top. I can change my perspective to alter the arc of the waves. Failure is a temporary disappointment and becomes only a failure if you learn nothing from the experience. Those perceived failures (accidents) always reappeared as strengths when you least expected it. 

     This is the story of my life, made up of accidents that shaped me into who I am today.  The inflection points that enabled me to rise through the executive ranks in the board room to becoming a mayor of a city.